Tactical Flight Officer vacancies

Opportunities for Police Constables & Police Staff (currently working for a force) to take to the sky & help save lives, tackle criminality & keep people safe.

We have Police Constable Tactical Flight Officer vacancies at the following locations:

  • North Weald (Essex)
  • Benson (Oxfordshire)
  • St Athan (South Wales)
  • Bournemouth (Bournemouth Int'l Airport)
  • Barton Airfield (Manchester)
  • Birmingham (Birmingham Int'l Airport)
  • Almondsbury (Bristol)
  • Husbands Bosworth (Leicestershire)

This will be a posting for West Yorkshire Police officers and a secondment for all other police forces. If this is a secondment you will require permission from your current force prior to applying.

We have a Police Staff Tactical Flight Officer vacancy at Almondsbury (Bristol).

All vacancies are advertised internally by police forces across England and Wales. The application process will close at 23:55 hours on 27 September 2020.

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