National Police Air Service (NPAS)

NPAS Mission and Priorities

NPAS Purpose

NPAS Prorities


NPAS Priorities

Priority One: We will maximise the safe and efficient use of our resources by:

  • developing an effective safety management system and just culture at the centre of service delivery;
  • having an appropriately trained, skilled, knowledgeable and motivated workforce;
  • developing a procurement strategy that helps deliver harmonisation and best value;
  • improving the initial implementation of NPAS under a lead force model.

Priority Two: We will assist forces to deliver their police and crime plan by:

  • providing effective management information that informs strategic decision making;
  • promoting the work and benefits of NPAS;
  • working with forces to ensure air support is available;
  • Providing effective systems and processes that maximise aircraft availability.

Priority Three: We will support the response to national threat risk and harm by:

  • establishing an effective tasking and coordination process;
  • developing police capacity and capability to respond to evolving threats using air assets;
  • developing an effective performance management process in line with force requirements;
  • Marketing and education of NPAS capabilities.

Priority Four: We will develop public confidence in NPAS by:

  • Seeking opportunities to engage with the public
  • Work in partnership with local communities where our assets are located
  • Ensuring we are seen as an exemplar of choice with the Aviation Sector
  • Developing a world class policing operation from the air that is the benchmark for others

Priority Five: We will continually improve and develop the service by:

  • continuously reviewing the user requirement to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of our users;
  • seeking opportunities to identify efficiencies;
  • seeking to develop partnerships with other organisations;
  • evidence based best-practice;
  • exploring alternative delivery models;
  • Harnessing innovation in the aviation sector for the benefit of policing.

For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999